Q: How can one activate their DSTV?

A: When you purchase your DSTV a subscription fee will need to paid.  Our card will be given to insert into your decoder.  You will them sms the number given to activate your DSTV.

Q: Are you allowed more than one DSTV account?

A: Yes you are able to  have more than one DSTV account as many will have for their business or holiday home.

Q: How much is the DSTV subscription per month?

A: This all depends on the DSTV package that you choose as each package is at a different price.

Q: If I don’t your DSTV what happens?

A: if you fail to pay your DSTV subscription your DSTV will be disabled, until full amount of your subscription is paid.

Q: Can one install their own DSTV?

A: We do not advise that one install their own DSTV as it is necessary to have all the correct tools and safety gear required and this is where the DSTV Installer comes in.

Q: How do I upgrade my DSTV Package?

A: You can upgrade your DSTV Package at any given time, however this will change your monthly subscription fee

Q:  Can DSTV be connected to the internet?

A: Yes DSTV can be connected to the internet for downloading of movies and series.

Q: Is DSTV available on your smart device?

A: Yes DSTV is now available to watch on any latest smart device, allowing you to watch DSTV wherever you are, this requires your account log in details.