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Let DSTV Installers  Benoni  open your eyes to amazing channels filmed with your favourite shows !!

Have you just purchased your DSTV and need it installed DSTV Installers Benoni can assist you. If you have bought your DSTV from a leading outlet, we also assist with the installation voucher that you receive once you have purchased your DSTV. We offer the best DSTV Installations in Benoni and also repair and service DSTV decoders. All our DSTV Installations  Benoni are certified with the installation of DSTV. Our installers carry with them all the correct tools needed to install your DSTV . Safety gear is worn as well as for when installing the dish one needs the safety gear required. Our call centre will log your call and will dispatch one of our DSTV Installer to your home or business.

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DSTV Installations Benoni

is for the premium package of DSTV. If you are unsure what package you require our Call Centre will explain all the different packages that DSTV offers. DSTV Premium is the most favourable if you wish to have the full advantage of DSTV. The DSTV PVR Decoder allows you to record programmes as well as pause the programme you are watching if you need to step out of the room. It allows you to  record all your favourite programmes so that they will never be missed and you are able to view your recorded programme at later time. Our DSTV installers Benoni will run through a tutorial on how your DSTV PVR Decoder works so that you get the full use of DSTV.


Single View DSTV is the standard installation, this does not allow for dual watching. This package is normally taken for home that only requires 1 person to what the selected programmes. You can however get a receiver for the second room which can change the channels for viewing this works on one decoder only.


XtraView DSTV consists of more than one decoder, allowing each member to view different channels at the same time.  Each decoder needed will have an extra fee. XtraView DSTV is great for a larger family allowing each family member to enjoy their programmes.

Call DSTV Installers Benoni to ask all the options that DSTV has to offer. Our call centre are highly trained and will assist with all your queries. We also do upgrades of decoders. We can also repair and service decoders, but it is best to always have the latest DSTV Decoder so it is more compatible and up to date. DSTV also offers channels from overseas which is a separate fee, allowing you to view channels from different countries, Such as television programmes from India, Italy and Greece. Ask our DSTV Installers Benoni about connecting your DSTV to your Internet, this allows you to access Explora  which has numerous movies and series. Our Dstv Installers will make sure that the installation of your DSTV is done correctly and all wiring is done neatly, they will also make sure that the signal is clear on your television set.